CARD_PARK ticket system

Access systems
Vitasol Therme, Bad Salzuflen

The CARD_Park chip card system renders paper parking tickets obsolete: the system is based on the processing of a reusable non-contact chip card and it can be used for short-term parkers, long-term parkers, value parkers and for special parkers. By contrast to the conventional paper-based system, no subsequent costs are incurred for a permanent use of tickets and the entire surface of the chip card can be printed on both sides. It also offers flexible customer retention and discount possibilities in addition to additional functions also being possible. Its sustainability is also unbeatable: due to its rewriteability, the card can be recoded more than 100,000 times and the non-contact and therefore wear-free writing and reading technology and the minimisation of the required mechanical components result in extremely low maintenance and subsequent costs being incurred. You can drive and park well with Rawie!


  • Areas of use:
  • parking space management


  • Unique chip card-based solution for the parking space management
  • Low-maintenance through no-contact reading technology and a low number of mechanical components
  • Flexible discounting with electronic cancellation/remuneration
  • One card for all uses


  • Entrance terminal EKS_3 C
  • Exit terminal AKS_3 C
  • KA_3 B/C ticket machine
  • DKS_3 central station
  • BPE C ticket evaluator
  • Remote Web_Access