EC_PARKING parking system


The fact that cashless payment is advancing on a global scale is nothing new but it also the case today that cashless parking is also possible in many places. The EC_Parking system has been especially conceived for use with the latest generation of bank cards with an EMV chip, with which the card data are processed using the globally valid standard PAN (Primary Account Number) system. The system is also equipped with a hybrid motor reader so that simple cards (debit cards without an EMV chip, long-term parking tickets for employees) can also be used parallel to these, this system also being able to process the previously used magnet cards without difficulty. The parking system can also reallocate parking spaces that are regularly used by external parkers to own customers.


  • Areas of use:
  • banks and savings banks car parks


  • Entry/leaving using an EC card or bank card
  • Billing via SEPA (XML file)
  • Fee differentiations according to day and night fees, a maximum amount for fees
  • Differentiation between customers and non-customers
  • Weekly timer operating mode
  • Activation reader (optional)
  • Special tickets for long-term parkers or free exit for short-term parkers
  • Blocking of single tickets for long-term parkers
  • White/black/grey lists administration
  • Administration of the counter readings for EC customers and long-term parkers