Multieye registration number detection

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A watchful eye should always be kept on parking areas on residential estates or on industrial/commercial sites! The MULTIEYE system is a modular and flexible solution for the purpose of access controls and parking space management that can be adapted to diverse application sizes. It reacts fully independently when it is approached by vehicles and with its high resolution cameras, it is able to read the corresponding registration number out. If this is registered in the system, the barrier is opened so that the vehicle can enter or leave the site. The stay data regarding the registered vehicles are recorded irrespective of the time of day and the weather conditions and these can then be statistically analysed. The MULTIEYE is therefore both a gatekeeper and a parking attendant and ensures safety and clarity in your parking spaces.


  • Areas of use:
  • loading and unloading traffic in industrial and commercial companies, security-relevant entering or leaving, multi-storey car parks, trade fair sites, hotels, campsites

System benefits

  • Staff-independent entry possibility at all times of the day
  • Permanent overview of the parking space occupation
  • Permanent overview of the presence of vehicles
  • An easy reservation system
  • Support and relieving of the factory security personnel
  • High level of security and theft protection
  • Simple analysis and documentation possibilities
  • Connected to existing hardware/software using a standard interface