Development parameters

We love challenges! That is why our engineers also look forward to receiving your request for a customised buffer stop. The development of matching solutions necessitates us requiring some data however that you can provide in our braking (crane) buffer stops calculation data questionnaire. We place your project on the right track.

The most important parameters for the development, i.e. the calculation, design and manufacturing of a braking track closure are based on the railway type and the place of use. These can include the following values for example:

  • The total impact weight of the rolling stock.
  • The expected impact speed (e.g. the DB specification for Germany: a shunting speed of 10km/h or 15km/h for train travel).
  • Data regarding the vehicle design (e.g. vehicles with side buffers and/or a central coupling system, vehicle load data).
  • Data regarding the track superstructure (e.g. rail form and height; gauge, a straight track or a track in a radius; travel rail without an incline or with a 1:20 or 1:40 incline; available track length for the use of a friction buffer stop).