LOG_PARK access control

Access system for the merchandise management
Ostermann, witten

The time when the digitalisation of the working world was confined to the company offices are long gone as new technologies are also making their mark in logistics and merchandise management. Our LOG_Park access control system ensures a reliable securing of loading zones and was especially developed for the modern requirements of goods traffic within the industry and logistics branches. The system controls the access to concealed loading zones and prevents a chaotic and unauthorized access.

The decision as to which loading ramp is to be driven to and when, is made by a logistics operator with the assistance of a merchandise management system that guides the driver to the corresponding position. The optimisation of a permanent data exchange between the merchandise management system and the access system ultimately result in an overall system with a maximum efficiency.


  • Areas of use:
  • access to loading zones within the industry/logistics branches


  • Clear controlling of the incoming/outgoing merchandise
  • Safe and controlled traffic on the company site
  • No unauthorized people/vehicles on the company site
  • Recording of the waiting and stay durations with regard to people/vehicles