Traffic barrier
Mahatma Gandhi Bridge,
Hamburg (Elbphilharmonie)

The STRADA_2 horizontal barrier is a new development that results from the high demands that are stipulated in the latest movable bridges guidelines (ZTV-ING, Part 9, Section 2). The Mahatma Gandhi Bridge that was recently opened at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie was secured with a barrier that was conform with the specifications and was made in Osnabrück Harbour. As with all of the STRADA family solutions, it has an above-average degree of reliability and is always ready for use. The reliable technology and the components that are conform with the latest industrial standard also ensure an excellent durability.


Barrier widths:max. 10,000 mm
(max. 8,000 mm pursuant to ZTV-ING 9.2)
Opening/closing times:variable running times
Areas of use:traffic barriers
Control system:intelligent microprocessor control system, interfaces conform with customer specifications