Person safety barrier
Krombacher brewery

Rawie has always had a reputation for tailored special solutions and this includes the RPS_3 person safety barrier that serves to prevent accidents in vertical conveyor zones or comparable hazard zones that exist in the conveying technology segment in industrial and logistic companies. As here at the Krombacher Brewery, it prevents an unintentional or unauthorised accessing of hazard zones, thereby making a valuable contribution to occupational safety. The fall protection is designed for a horizontal force absorption of 0.8 kN/m and it can even be installed in very small assembly spaces.


Barrier widths::max. 3,000 mm
Opening/closing times:2.0 – 3.0 seconds
Areas of use:fall protection for vertical conveyors in warehouse logistics
Control system:optionally an integrated control system and frequency converter for a very smooth starting/stopping in the end position