Compact buffer stop knowledge

In cooperation with trackopedia.info, we have developed a new encyclopedia for experts and for for interested laypeople containing extensive information on all types of buffer stops. We explain the importance, methods of operation, and types as well as their installation and maintenance and also show you crash tests in the video. Just click on this link.


It is rawie´s turn: an innotrans afterthought

It was again the case that this year´s Innotrans that took place in Berlin on 18-21 September proved to be a major attraction for visitors and exhibitors alike. With 3,062 exhibitors from 61 countries and more than 160,000 visitors from more than 110 countries, the global performance range or the track engineering segment and the matching vehicle construction were presented in an optimal form.

With a well-positioned newly developed trade fair booth, Rawie again presented itself as an innovative company.


Rawie in new look

We are also progressive and want to develop further so that we thought it was the time for a new future-oriented and well-structured website in a new design. We hereby place value on clarity, topicality and a large number of examples of our work. Exciting stories about our family-owned company have obviously also existed in the past 136 years and we shall be telling you some of these as a part of our “History”. You can also become a member of our family under “Careers” and you shall also continue to find all of the information and points of contact who are looking forward to hearing from you. By the way: even if we have refreshed our appearance, we have not changed one thing: after all, times change but our values do not.


Safe & stylish

We give priority to the absolute safety and reliability of our products but our thoughts go further than this as design is defined as being a combination of functionality and form.

One thing is clear to us: a barrier or an access system can also have an attractive design! All of our products can be supplied in your desired or corporate colours in addition to it also being possible to refine them with additional design elements. These include brandings with the corporate logo such as is the case with our own access barriers that are installed at our headquarters in Osnabrück. Furthermore, we are also able to equip the barriers with the most diverse selection of lighting systems … after all, we want your company to appear in the best light.


Reference with feedback

The Mahatma Gandhi Bridge is a bascule bridge with an overall width of around 17 metres that enables higher ships to enter the Sandtor or Traditional Ship Harbours. During the folding process, the four Strada_2 barriers secure both of the pedestrian and cycle paths in addition to the road lanes so that pedestrians and vehicles are warned in good time and can be stopped. The bridge that was completed in 2016, serves as an access to the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg – this being a reference with feedback in the truest sense of the word!


Federal railway authority issues license

On 13 November 2014, the German Federal Railway Authority issued the license for the Rawie friction buffer stop types 4EB to 10EB for side buffers or buffer beams with a lateral or a central buffer. The buffer stops are conform with the specifications of TM 2012-1672 I NVT3 to Eurocode 3 in conjunction with EN 1090 that came into force on 1 October 2014. They type designations 4EB, 6EB, 8EB and 10EB reflect the number of installed brake elements. You shall find the wording of the license that was issued by the German Federal Railway Authority and the corresponding datasheets in our mediathek and you shall find application examples here.