Mainline railway friction buffer stop

The hague, the netherlands

Friction buffer stops for mainline person and goods traffic railways are especially designed to withstand an impact with large masses with max. speeds of 25 km/h. The track systems and the used locomotives or cars in addition to their buffer geometry determine the type and design of the corresponding solution. Friction buffer stops that are also able to withstand the permanent stress in shunting operations are what characterise Rawie.


Working range480 – 26.000 kJ
Number of brake elements 4 – 34
Equipment optionsincl./excl. additional brakes on the guide/auxiliary rail;
incl./excl. track reinforcement;
optionally with shock absorbers or in versions with mechanical, hydraulic or elastomer shock absorbers
Number of shock absorbers:1 – 2
Shock absorber stroke:400 – 1.800 mm