Ikarus revolving door

Person access
Pöppelmann, lohne

Our hip-high motor-driven IKARUS revolving door especially lends itself as an addition to our MODUL turnstile systems as they provide an additional access possibility for prams, wheelchairs or deliveries. Due to its easy and trouble-free appearance, this door that is fully made of stainless steel is especially suitable for use in swimming baths and recreational facilities or in factory security. Optional accessories also enable it to be adapted to individual requirements. The IKARUS is also suitable for use in a two-directional operation and – due to the precise zero position of the LOGITURN planetary gear – for double entrances that are opposite each other in pairs.


  • Person throughput:
  • Areas of use:
  • 20 persons/min
  • factory accesses, trade fair centres, theme parks, stadiums


  • Width/passage:
  • Tot. opening path:
  • Height:
  • Mass:
  • 950 mm/900 mm
  • 1.954 mm
  • 1.000 mm
  • 35 kg


  • Actuator in the blocking element
  • Smooth running, precise zero position
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Single or two-directional operation
  • Changeable direction of access
  • High person throughput
  • Durable quality
  • Architecture-friendly transparency
  • Maintenance-free mechanism
  • Comprehensive range of accessories