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Rawie does not supply off the peg, Rawie takes measure and manufactures your personal solution – precisely matched to your requirements and wishes. Our sales representative already notices during the first discussion which problems you have to deal with on a daily basis and ensures that these are already taken into account in the planning phase. We are obviously also able to upgrade your existing systems however so that they are of the latest standard and ensure you access the highest degree of satisfaction.


  • Areas of use:
  • according to customer specifications


  • Laser scanner for the securing/recording of people and vehicles
  • Photoelectric barriers, light sensors
  • Beam lighting, advanced warning lighting
  • Protection against crawling under and climbing over
  • Key-operated switch/button
  • Stand-alone access reader
  • Traffic light systems
  • Remote radio control systems
  • Coin validation
  • Identity cards/RFID transponder