Railway technology

RAWIE . For over 100 years, we have developed, produced and installed buffer stops for railway track systems for nearly all railway companies around the world. Dynamic track safety systems  on highest technical level as well as complex   technical railway equipment are essential components of our product range – matched individually to the respective requirements.

Development parameters

The important parameters for developing a braking track closure system – calculation, design and manufacturing – are:

  • the complete impact weight of the rolling stock
  • the expected impact speed 
    (e.g., DB German railway requirement: 10km/h shunting speed or 15km/h for running trains)
  • vehicle design data  
    (e.g., vehicles with side buffers and/or central coupling, vehicle load data)
  • superstructure information (e.g., rail shape and rail height, gauge, straight track or curved track, running track with slope, sloped 1:20 or 1:40, available track length for installation of the braking buffer stop)

Design & Manufacturing

Considering the above Technical Specifications, we differ between the following designs :